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Exsilium* Release Ritual: Letting go of old year

This is the first year of doing this as a ritual for my community!  I will be doing this for myself- so helping any others that feel they need it is just icing on the cake (healthy organic of course!) *Exsilium is Latin for to banish, remove;  the name may change but the intent will remain the same.

2016 has been a year of trials, growth, surprise, fear, overwhelm…I could go on.

But remember every moment is a turning point-it doesn’t have to be the new year, it can be the new week, the new month, the new day.

We die and begin again moment by moment. And that’s a good thing.

BUT NEW YEAR’S IS A HUGE JUNCTURE- one of the few recognized by the Western world.


This ritual is to release the old- old mindsets, old beliefs, old fears things that have bound us- held us back.
This is a release- not a calling in. The purpose is to leave you feeling lighter, ready to move forward.  Picture an historical picture of oxen pulling a heavy loaded cart. This ritual it to make your cart light, empty or even to unhook you from the damn thing!

I will use traditional Sanskrit chanting, visualization melding into a rich ritual for myself and you!  If you’d like you can meditate or pray in the new year.

Evening of 12/31


Offer your support now via Paypal’s secure site (use debit or cc) then you’ll be taken to a page to send in name & what you are releasing.

I will place your name on my altar and in my mind as I do the ritual.  Note: there is a low income option (may you be blessed, filled with gratitude & prosper.)
On Jan 2nd, an  audio affirmation will be posted on this page–listen to and feel it,  to get a sense of completion of the ritual.


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