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I believe we are in co-creation with the Divine.

…What she shared with me during the reading resonated deeply. After the appointment I felt a sense of relief from the stress of making this decision on my own. Moving forward, I’ve felt much more balanced and confident in the direction I’ve chosen. Thank you, Kala!

~Bridget K., Healer/Reiki Master/Food Coach


What are my online tarot readings like?

1. I ask that you have a question or issue that you want clarification on. The clearer you are the better the answer received.

2. I pull cards tarot and oracle decks, and then see what’s triggered via my intuition. I do this before we speak on the phone or (Skype for returning clients)  if you chose a live reading;  so the spread is laid out prior, I meditate and tune into you & your guides first. We then have a discussion about my interpretation of the tarot cards as it relates to your concern. Or I then according to your choice- produce written or audio reading and it’s emailed to you!

3. I do not predict things like “oh you’ll meet a man wearing a blue striped shirt in a few weeks and start a romance.” The info you receive if your question is about romance (for example)- will be about the “issues” and beliefs and energies that come into play in terms of your love life. And I will see if a high probability is there. The work will resonate with you and help you to understand what’s going on in your life.

With this Divination process, my aim is help you feel empowered, able to step forward into your life in co-creation with the Divine! I caution clients- let’s use the example above, feeling that they “know” they will meet a new partner, as if it’s set in stone is the wrong attitude; if they then sit smugly at home and for example, don’t go to a last minute party or sports event because they are so certain “I’ll be dating someone in 3 weeks.” That very attitude could make you miss the connection!

How It Works:

Appointments usually are booked a day- one week in future.

  1. Get clear on what the issue is you want clarification about.
  2. Choose your reading then you are taken to Paypal site (you do not need a Paypal account,) use any credit or debit card.
  3. You will be redirected back to my website to enter a clear question (not framed as yes or no) but rather seeking more information on…”issue.”  And I’ll ask for your email & any info!
  4. Success! Reading is sent out in time frame given.  Or appt. options are emailed (if live reading option is present.)

Clarity Reading:

Focus on a question in a specific life area.

What area of your life do you need to upgrade, where are you unhappy and feeling like you need to make a change. This is the perfect reading when you know what life area interests you. 5-7 card tarot reading, online pdf or audio recording, you tell me in order.

Is your work is dull and you know you are here to something fulfilling helping others? Or you are wondering why relationships are hard to attract?
My readings are meant to be transformational, to empower you to blossom and emerge into the blessed being you are meant to be.

You choose the focus area* and we dive into:
~ what is holding you back
~ what changes can you make to create your desired outcome

You’ll receive a beautiful pdf file of the tarot reading-the tarot cards and interpretation.

Please in 3 sentences or less tell me the area you need clarity in using “how” or “tell me more about” type question. This will pull empowering feedback from Spirit.

$28 email or audio mp3 download reading


Self-Love Reading:

black woman relaxed

Self-love is KEY! Now is the time of the rise of the Divine Feminine- this tarot reading makes this personal to you. With this tarot reading find out what is blocking you from manifesting the qualities of the Goddess in your life, relationships and body.

Goddess or Divine Feminine Qualities:

Creativity/idea generation

You get:

9 card spread, via emailed PDF, images & interpretation. Delivery in 5-7 biz days.  

Prices vary for:  email or audio mp3 download reading or live phone.


Self-Love Deluxe: add an Empowering Guided Meditation

Self-love is KEY! You get a reading as above PLUS!

A gentle guided audio meditation of self-love affirmations- mp3 for download, link delivered via my Dropbox.

Prices vary for:  email or audio mp3 download reading or live phone.


How to ask a good question:

Love Tarot Question:
Bad Question: Will he (specific person) come back to me?
This is unhelpful question as it puts your power outside of you, and is simply yes or no probabilities.

Good Question: How can I attract a loving, kind, …. partner? What is holding me back, what do I need to know?

You then can take steps internal and external to really have your dream. You grow as a human being and understand the energy and issues around you.
I do not get into muddled, dysfunctional or abusive relationship issues.

Career Tarot Question:
Bad Question #1: Will I ever get a new job?
Bad Question #2: Will I get this job?

The first is too vague and doesn’t give you actionable info.
The second you might get a no- and get depressed, when in fact that job is in a company that is going out of business in the year. Or as an abusive boss.

Good Question:

What can I do to find a well-paying, stable job in an environment that I enjoy?

HIDDEN REALMS: Not available

Raven flew into my life around the time of Halloween, the stark yellow leaves falling off the trees and cold descending. This animal totem appeared in my consciousness and the reading- about “what is hidden,” was born!

What is hidden from your sight- but Ancestors, Guides or Spirit want to bring forward so you can make a quantum shift into new life.

This tarot reading is a blend of specially chosen tarot and oracle cards guided by intuition just for you!
Your choice of audio mp3 or video (unlisted on Youtube.)


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