What’s a Tarot Reading Like

What to expect of a consultation:

If you work with me, start small- a 30 min. intuitive reading is best, bring one issue that is troubling you. My readings are not on the lower daily level- ie. “you will meet a man in a blue polka dot shirt and he’s your husband!” The information I get when doing an intuitive reading, is more psychological and spiritual- I perceive what’s blocking you from achieving your goals. I mean what good is it meeting the man in the polka dot shirt if the baggage you might bring will ruin the relationship? I’d rather leave you feeling so confident and aligned with your values that you choose and attract the right partner for you, when you are ready.

I won’t tell you what to do.

I will empower you to feel more confident in your wisdom and judgement going forward. I strive to come from a place of Ahimsa (non-harming.)


I don’t believe anything is set in stone. Rather there are probabilities which we play a part in co-creating. I’m all about the woo-woo, but it can be practical. For example when I’ve remembered my power I’ve manifested amazing things in record time, each time surprising myself! When we feel dis-empowered or fearful that’s when life starts to go really wrong. Of course “bad” things happen, but when we remember our power we cope with and even rise up stronger from the experience. Let that be so.

Ready to book an appointment, see above? Or look around my blog and my Youtube channel has videos on intuition, tarot, Law of Attraction (I prefer the word Manifestation,) and other topics.


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