Meditation Coaching Intensive: VIP Day

How does Mindfulness Coaching: VIP Half-Day format work?

We meet via Skype (or similar app if available) for 3 Hour long Private Training Sessions, interspersed with 1/2 hour breaks for your Journaling & Integration and a lunch break.

The total time investment is 4 hours.  But the benefits of these practices will be life-changing if you commit and practice whole-heartedly!

A typical VIP 1/2 day could run from 10-2 or 11-3 pm on a Saturday or Sunday of your choice. Or if your schedule allows, weekdays are often more open for scheduling.

You leave with not only direct experiential knowledge of how to cope with stress but:

  • Two practices provided in audio MP3 format to guide you on-goingly
  • Clear written guidelines, of practices that you learned in PDF format
  • Tip sheet on when & how to setup your self-care practices
  • A 30 minute follow-up, two weeks later to answer any questions or concerns

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