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Kala (Vivinne Williams) MFA, LMT

I work with women on the edge of burnout or recovering from a “thunderbolt” experience, like I went through.  Experiences like- job loss, divorce or any life altering event that leaves you confused, out of touch with your inner knowing and unsure of what to do…

What results can you expect from holistic approach to meditation coaching?

With regular practice:

  • immediate and increasing sense of calm despite challenges
  • deeper sleep, less interrupted so wake up feeling more refreshed
  • increased clarity of mind & thoughts
  • greater ability to make decisions and plan your next steps

Life is a process and a flow, change is the only constant and can create stress, mindfulness meditation it the way to ride the waves of life.

When we encounter challenges we know there is a way, and we will only grow by embracing the changes that may need to happen. 

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Mindfulness Mini:

This is a lovely one time option for new clients to get a sense of my work.  It does not require an application as the coaching sessions do.

30 min. session, where you are guided through one- 2 practices:  a body based meditation, guided relaxation and/or a breath awareness meditation.  Guaranteed to help you feel calmer after a stressful day, or difficult event.

These sessions are available for booking currently:  Monday & Fri evenings 4-7:00 pm, EST U.S. time. Reserve a few days in advance for best availability.

30 min. $40


Meditation Coaching Intensive: VIP Day



This exclusive & intensive meditation program is for you if:

  • You are a motivated woman & spiritual seeker or simply a woman who is tired of the stresses of life and ready to feel less burdened.
  • You are ready to feel more powerful, rather than passively “suffering” or coping
  • You are confident and motivated to really see change for the better now.  Not when:
    • the kids are in college or
    • the boss gets nicer,
    • or the project is finished.




How does Mindfulness Coaching: VIP Half-Day format work?

We meet via Skype (or similar app if available) for 3 Hour long Private Training Sessions, interspersed with 1/2 hour breaks for your Journaling & Integration and a lunch break.

The total time investment is 4 hours.  But the benefits of these practices will be life-changing if you commit and practice whole-heartedly!

A typical VIP 1/2 day could run from 10-2 or 11-3 pm on a Saturday or Sunday of your choice. Or if your schedule allows, weekdays are often more open for scheduling.

You leave with not only direct experiential knowledge of how to cope with stress but:

  • Two practices provided in audio MP3 format to guide you on-goingly
  • Clear written guidelines, of practices that you learned in PDF format
  • Tip sheet on when & how to setup your self-care practices
  • A 30 minute follow-up, two weeks later to answer any questions or concerns




HOW TO BOOK: To be accepted as a VIP Intensive client, the first step is to book an inquiry session (or click image.)  Once form is submitted, we will get you on the calendar to have a 20 minute phone chat with me to see if my work would be a good fit for you.


Signature Program:



An in-depth 12 week program that gets you to the next stage of your life, wellness, body, mind & spirit

What you receive:

Welcome packet that begins the exploration into your inner world, that will start your getting clarity on your needs.


Six 60 Minute Skype/Video Mentoring, imminently practical:

  • Simple rituals & life style practices customized for your needs, drawn from:
  • Meditation practices: mindfulness, loving-kindness; mantra
  • Drawn from Ayurveda (Indian system of healing,)
  • 5 Element Theory from TCM (traditional Chinese medicine,) including self-massage techniques
  • Kripalu, Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga practices

Email support during my business hours
Curated weekly readings/videos/audio from experts around the web



HOW TO BOOK: To be accepted as a client, the first step is to book an inquiry session (or click image.)  Once form is submitted, we will get you on the calendar to have a 20 minute phone chat with me to see if my work would be a good fit for you.

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