Gift Tarot Reading: For Birthday, Holidays or Just for Giggles!

This is going up barely in time for the Holidays! yahhhhh, so here goes for your friend, sig. other who is just head over heels in love with all things TAROT.  Get them a gift tarot reading. I’ve got a few options:

Both tarot readings are super positive and empowering! Perfect as gifts.

This gorgeous, positively uplifting tarot reading will be an enlightening gift for a dear friend, lover or family member! It will focus on the positive gifts that the receiver has to share in upcoming year. And explore how they can bring these qualities into daily life for their own empowerment, joy and fulfillment.

Cards used:
~Radiant Rider Waite Tarot
~Goddess Isis Oracle Deck
~Angel Cards

All (the cards above) will be woven into a 7 or 9 card spread- fulfilled with lovely pics emailed in a pdf document AND link to your choice of audio mp3 (to listen to again and again) or a video uploaded privately to Youtube (video is deleted after 1 month.)

Once you pay I’m notified- I add in their & your name and email it to you (if it’s after midnight on Dec. 24th., I will not be able send personalized gift certificate.) But they will still receive reading in the time frame below:

Please give me their email when ordering. Within 5-7 business days after Christmas- they will receive their reading.

Be blessed,

More: This reading was conceived to give to a spiritual friend, lover or family who is into spiritual growth, meditation, chakras and all that shizzle.

It is personalized, and will focus on what they CAN do to optimize their growth, and development in the world.

Tarot can be an insightful tool for self-growth, self-love and empowerment.

I will deliver the reading like a kind counselor, showing the best and most precious highlights of their personality.

VIDEO: IF you choose video tarot reading, they will see the cards and hear me discussing them in video, which will be “unlisted” on Youtube for 1 month-they will be given the link to it in PDF.

AUDIO: If you choose audio tarot reading, I record in mp3 format, that will email to them/and given as a Dropbox link (they have it as a download permanently.)


Once you purchase you will be taken to a page to give necessary info! Namaste, Kala

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