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Goddess here is your Body Scan meditation: feel free to download it!  And below is the info from the quiz results again.

I’ll soon be creating longer version with music for purchase in my shop! Stay tuned.


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You are creative, ever changing and enjoy self-expression (even if you keep it under wraps.)

When you get imbalanced you tend to get a bit spacey, flighty and even fidgety.  It can be hard to complete projects as you have so many interests, and may get excited by new things constantly.



The best meditation for you is one that brings you firmly into your body and out of your imagination.  Imagination is wonderful and you might be a Creative, but the body tends to feel “empty” and anxious, even creating insomnia if we are not grounded enough.


Body Scan meditation is recommended for you.  Daily if you can, but at least 3x’s a week will make a massive change in your focus, calm and steadiness.



You might enjoy a guided shavasana- deep relaxation of each part of the body.




3 PART YOGIC BREATH or Alternate nostril breathing.



– not finishing projects

-severe anxiety, ocd, social anxiety

-fearful, loner- feeling isolated

-hard to hold onto money

-health issues like digestive issues related to being sensitive

Knowing your typology, helps me if we were working together- you now have a free audio mp3, of one of the practices that would be helpful for you.  I mentor prime of life women who have gone through a thunderbolt experience- massive life shakeup like death, divorce, job loss.  Or proactive women who want to go to the next stage but are stuck, unhappy- to regain their power, improve health and  grow spirituality.   Often any chronic stuckness or crisis is a calling for us to grow into our highest selves!  That is what I went through.


Yogini Kala,


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