E3: The Distorted Aggressive, Push Paradigm is Not Working, Goddess

I didn’t initially realize I was on the edge of burnout and so I invite you to listen to this mindfully and see if any of this resonates with you. Let’s start by just taking a couple of deep breathes…

Rough draft of podcast:

I did not know that I was on the verge of burnout what I’ve seen from my own experience and observing women around me Ex: It’s like we’re on a treadmill at the gym and it’s at a low gentle speed and a flat incline and then as we start to get more and more and more and more stressed and overworking it’s as if there’s a very slow increase in the incline….family stuff happens and then work keeps going keeps going and pretty soon you’re going uphill and you’re going really really fast but the danger goddesses if it starts to feel normal starts to feel normal to be running and running and running in your life.

This podcast is here to help serve you and realizing when you’re reaching your limit and I invited to some of the terms I’m going to use may be new to you but the idea is right now we are truly undergoing a shift I see it all around me and we’re starting to realize what I mean by the Divine Feminine

You’re keeping up your excelling even you’re being rewarded for being so amazing right you just your juggling everything things are in the air and you’re going and you’re going and at what cost to you to your femininity and to your inner peace, really that inner core Essence at what cost is this running uphill…

I’m going to propose that this does not serve women it does not serve women because it’s forcing you into an aspect of yourself that ideally is not the dominant aspect of yourself… whatever your orientation whatever your know gender identity it’s….. we all have this duality:

Duality examples: 

it’s light and darkness it’s night and day it’s cold and hot we live in Duality one cannot exist without the other.

I’m suggesting to you is that getting into the masculine Paradigm which is the distorted it’s not even a true healthy masculine it is the Paradigm of push go accomplish at any cost and got us if you’re listening to this you know simply looking around you looking around at the world that this is no longer working it’s easier for men to do that that’s a larger percentage of their energy as they’ve incarnated as male. But for women this….especially the lack of attention to the body…

This especially the lack of attention to the body is extremely detrimental so let’s talk about what might be some symptoms of this.

I mean by that is when we ignore our physical body you get things like hormonal imbalances fibroids, polycystic reproductive issues.  Hormonal imbalances.

Our wisdom is connected to our embodiment to being in this body.  Insomnia is one of the early signs of imbalance. In TCM the liver is responsible in large part for that drive to excel- the workaholic and it’s tied to that very common little issue of dry eyes- when you overwork or it becomes chronic but it’s often a symptom of overwork, pushing the body to excess, what we’d call depleting the yin (fluids in the body.)

Issues lack of libido, how can we have a sex drive if we are exhausted?

GUIDED Earth Grounding Meditation

END podcast.


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