E2: Goddess/Oracle Reading Oct 30-Nov 5. Feminine Power: Be Yourself

I’m a spiritual teacher, yogini and meditation practitioner for over 2 decades. Been featured in Essence, Self, Yoga Journal & Heart & Soul magazines.
I provide spiritual coaching (online and audio/video) for any woman ready to live their best, most joyful life!
My focus is on spiritual growth, meditation, manifestation & developing our intuition as the connection to the Divine. With a focus on those suffering from anxiety and stress.

Join my In the Flow of Magic (tarot readings & spirituality,) e-list here: and get two guided relaxation, meditations FREE and blog post updates: http://eepurl.com/ci0h8L
For tarot reading: http://intheflowofmagic.com/book-an-online-tarot-reading/

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