Kala’s Tarot/Oracle Card Weekly Reading (Feb 27- Mar 5)

This week is interesting as usual! I end with the meditation this week. Let’s get centered at the start, so that you will sub-consciously remember what I say, and when things happen during the week you will remember.

I’m shuffling the Eckhart Tolle cards which will be the basis of the short meditation.  I recommend his book the Power of Now, pretty highly. If you are drwan to it then you’ll enjoy it. otherwise it might just seem odd to you.


Drop shoulders down, exhale and relax.  Take a few deep breaths.  As if you are pouring in water into a clear jar.  So pull in the breath on inhale, and exhale release any tension…..



TAROT:  KNIGHT OF CUPS: new relationship, intimate or friendship. Or secondly moving towards what you love…by dropping the burden (see below.) You might be the Knight- taking action to your needs.

OSHO:   BURDEN- being driven by others views of how to live your life.  It’s weighing you down and slowing your progress, it’s exhausting you.

Angel card:  Enthusiasm

Fairy card:  Do Some Research:  Get more information before proceeding.


TAROT: Ace of Swords:  clarity of communication, and power behind your words.

OSHO:   8 MJ Arcana/ Awareness:  Breakthrough in awareness and understanding. Perhaps old ideas were limiting you or your understanding of the situation and now you get clarity.

Angel card:  Spontaneity- act with spontaneity especially in communication about business.

Fairy card:  Business Venture- Trust and follow through on a business idea or opportunity.


Friday- Sunday:

TAROT: Hermit (R) Time to come out of period of solitude or introspection/research.

OSHO:   Politics: don’t act in a false way with others, dont’ pretend to believe or be one way in order to gain power over another. It will backfire.

Angel card:  Patience: so this fits with not being “political,” just be honest and true to yourself and that way require patience…

Fairy card:  Birthday- significant birthday-yours or someone in your life- has an effect on an issue or decision.

Meditation Card: 

Silence & Stillness message….

Listening to silence…awakens the dimension of stillness within….

We meditate on this for a few minutes.

Have a beautiful week!


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