How to Meditate: A Black Woman’s Guide on How to Reduce Stress

Ok Sis, no excuse this actual meditation is only 5 min, its got over 4,000 views on Youtube! The rest is me blabbing (ok not really) I talk about prep and we do a relaxing preliminary practice. At the end I talk about benefits of meditation and tell a few stories of how I got started.

Well I finally did a high quality program just for us called Mindfulness Mediation: A Guide for Black Women…see below link for more info.  It’s a 5 week training program, all online, video, audio and text.



Video text:

the topic today is mediation only five minutes. You can do it every day or few times a week so I put the explanation at the end so you don’t have to listen to it over and over.

Setting Up:

Straight back chair, feet flat on the floor. You dont’ have to sit on the floor crossed leg.  If you’d like that then grab a thick cushion, sit with the but on it, cross the ankles, it helps if you are on a rug rather than the hard floor.

Pre-mediation practice:

Body scan:

feel your feet calves, feel any sensation, warmth, coolness, tingling…anything that is happening. Feel…from the inside of your body…

up to hips, pelvis, belly…

buttocks and lower back…

chest and shoulders…

swing around to the mid-back and upper back…

breathe in and out…

feel your hands, wrists lower arms,

back to shoulders…neck….throat sensing anything…

jaw, mouth….eyes,

forehead, scalp…back of head….

allow the breath to come in naturally and effortlessly…in and out…

Notice where you feel the breath most- at belly or at upper lip by the nostrils.

Choose one of those locations for the rest of the practice.


Shoulders relaxed body at ease. Stay with the breath were you feel it.

Add a label now- “in” as you inhale, and “out”as you exhale.

If at the belly, note “rising” and “falling” internally softly.

Not changing the breath in anyway, allow it to find it own natural ease.  If the mind wanders which it will…bring yourself back to your breath. Without any disappointment or judgement.  Just coming back to now.  Now you are alive, you are here…Feel the breath sensations.

Sounds…letting any sounds just be there…notice them. Tey arise and they change… they disappear. Letting sounds be as they are, soft or loud…stay with your breath as an anchor. In your whole body. Feel grounded in your body. Your home.

Using your label for each breath if you can…stay with it. …

Transition… take a deep breath in an out…LOUD BELL! (sorry)


I discuss the benefits of meditation (on video)…But I’m not so theoretical. I believe in practice, no excuses.  Check out my BRAND NEW COURSE specially for black women:

Black woman in meditative prayer pose palms together



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