One of Fav, Most Erudite (Tarot) You Tuber’s

This is from Kelly-Ann Maddox’s YouTube channel, this was like a little out take she snuck in  at the end and it was such a riot I had to make a gif.  Her channel is about many things, I’m gonna do a post down the line of my fav online tarot readers and she’ll be one of them.

231. Tea & Tarot: The Comfort Zone.

Some of my favorite of her vlogs are:

SELF-LOVE SEPT:  Feed Your Soul

About how to revive our spirits when we are depressed, how to find play or creativity when we are blue.

335. SELF-LOVE SEPT: Self-Parenting and Raising Your Inner Child

About how we can take steps to heal and parent ourselves to fix/improve lack of or poor parenting.  Love the idea and it sparked some deep thought in me about my life.

Check her out and the other Youtubers that present on tarot, spirituality and other fabulous stuff.

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