Vedic Planetary Mantra to Venus: Increase Your Attractive Quality & More

Om Shum Shuykraya Namaha.

Friday is ruled by the planetary energy of Venus-Shukra in Vedic astrology. This is the mantra and this is the yantra (spiritual visual tool.) Just as in Western thought-Venus governs, beauty in all forms-art, people, places, sensuality, reproduction. This mantra will increase qualities of delight and bliss in daily life. It would be a great mantra for:

  • Type A- driven personality who needs to relax and be in touch with beauty in life
  • Any creative person, artist, writer (anything connected with beauty & refinement)
  • Someone who is negative, depressive not finding joy in life

The yantra is know as the Bliss yantra and is created by me from the book I’ll link to here:
Nine Designs for Inner Peace [amazon_image id=”1594771944″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Nine Designs for Inner Peace: The Ultimate Guide to Meditating with Color, Shape, and Sound[/amazon_image]:
A loose translation (mantras are not really meant to be translated) is: I honor the positivity and beauty that surround me. So that awareness will grow in oneself.
There are some cases where it’s not the right mantra though. More info? Get a reading or Crystal Clarity Session.

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