Author/Speaker, Wayne Dyer, on Why What You Think Matters

Just as he talks about to the end of the video where he envisioned himself on the Tonight Show as a kid, and many years later it happened; I’ve also had experiences like that were so beyond the odds of chance. So if he’s new to you watch this video. Here is another good one on “Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life.” It’s 1 and half hours long, it’s one that was a PBS program.

I know if one is depressed it’s hard to get to these ideas they can seem farfetched, but if one is in a more normal state of mind- this can take us to the next level of achievement and joy. Our minds are or can be under our control (for the most part.) not counting of course sub-concious elements that are there as well. See any of my posts on meditation for the main way to change and improve our minds/feelings, so it serves us in a positive way.

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