Helping women avoid Burnout

Yogini Kala, Mystic, Teacher, Intuitive

Cope with stress, reclaim their power.

Tools:  Self-care practices, Mindfulness

Divine Feminine Wisdom


In theFlow of Magic


Who I work with:

Black yogini in seated poseI teach and mentor women in customized, spiritual skills for self-care & healing transformation. Despite anxiety & stress you can feel calmer and more joyful.

We’ll most likely vibe if you are or can relate to being a:

  • Driven and goal oriented career woman, yet feeling drained and bored.

  • Looking to make BIG changes in how you live your life?

  • Recovering workplace stress that’s got you on the edge of burnout?

  • Woman of a certain age, going through a rebirth- a TRANSFORMATION

For coaching we work together via Skype/similar app., online…more on meditation/spiritual coaching.

Why I do this work?   Because it’s my life dharma, I’m always teaching, always wanting to help us to evolve to our highest, brightest potential.  Check out my About page- I went through a long, dark night of the soul: depression & near homelessness. 

After leaving a punishing work environment at the height of the Great Recession, I was lost.  I was in the wrong place for my Soul, listening to outside voices telling me what I “should” do. 

This happens to us women, lack of personal power and internal strength.  We can get  blown around by friends, family and patterns of our tribe. 

Instead lets create our own vision of our life.  I know we are in co-creation with the Divine. 



Some poetry I like:

Playfully, you hid from me.
All day I looked.

Then I discovered
I was you,

and the celebration
of That began.
~ Lalla,  14th c. Kashmir Mystic & Poet

Excerpt from: A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life” 

…May I be a guard for all those who are protector-less,
A guide for those who journey on the road,
For those who wish to go across the water,
May I be a boat, a raft, a bridge.

~ Shantideva, Buddhist, 8th C.